Turbine Connections

The turbine connections tutorial will demostrate how to correctly make all the links between the battery, HDT, PowerPack and the turbine.

Radio Adjustment

In this video, show how to make the radio adjustment for the values FAIL, IDLE and FULL operation whit the Jet Central HDT.

System Test

The system test tutorial, will demostrate hoe to correctly do and prove the different trials set to assure the perfomance of your turbine and electronics.

Battery Selection

The altitude adjustment tutorial will show you how to adjust your altitude values according to the location you are flaying in.

Altitude Adjustment

The battery selection tutorial will demostrate how to choose the right battery type and capacity.

Fuel Tank Adjustment

The fuel tank tutorial shows you how to input the values of the tank you are using, as well as how full it is so consumption calculations are made correctly.

Start Up

The start up tutorial shows you what a complete and well executed start-up cycle is like, following the steps to assure that our full system is working in the best conditions for our flight.

Download and Upload Parameters

The downloads and uploads tutorial will show you how to make downloads and uploads of the data you desire; we will be using the jet central power pack and the hand data terminal.


The pitot tutorial will show you how to set the pitot or adjust the speed of your flight, making sure you do not go over the limit you want.

Jeti Telemetry

The jeti telemetry tutorial shows you how to set the telemetry and visualize the data you want; we will be using the DS-16 jeti radio as demonstration.

Spektrum Telemetry

The spektrum telemetry tutorial shows you how to configure your radio following the steps given by the hand data terminal.

Bluetooth on Android

The bluetooth tutorial will demostrate how to download the app, pair and operate your device as a hand data terminal.

Gear Fail Safe (Security System)

Jet Central Landing gear fail safe set up.

Turbine Fail Safe (Security System)

How to adjust the fail safe in SE Jet Central Turbines.

Smoke System

Jet Central smoke system installation and set up


Basic functions and use for the Jet Central dual sequencer.

Low and high fuel start-up

How to adjust the startup fuel in SE Jet Central turbines.

Acceleration errors and calibration

How to deal with accelerations errors during the first start up.